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Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 9:56 AM
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hello dear kompass team,

for me it´s difficult to describe best how a year in the U.S. will be like because it depends where in the U.S. you´re coming, it depends on the family (if they have old kids, young kids, or like mine: kids, that don´t live at their home anymore...), to which school you are coming and what you are adding to make this year wonderful! everybody will have so different experiences when they come back, but one thing will be in common: everybody had the GREATEST and MOST EXCITING year of their life!!

thank you so much for everything! it is awesome here and i don´t wanna leave... but i have still over a month left to enjoy (:

i would love to come to the orientation meeting in frankfurt! and if there are already to many people you can put my phone number in the brochure it´s: 07154/ 805322. i will send you some more pictures and hope you will do the same work in the following years you did now!




franziska assmann