Sent: Saturday, April 25, 7:20 PM
Subject: Re: GB18-04: April mail from Judica Trieglaf


Dear Kompass!

Here I'm sending you some pictures that, hopefully can describe my time in the UK the best. I am absolutely loving it here, everyone always says that the weather is really bad, but from what i can tell, and i stayed here for 8 months now the weather is very good, sometimes even better than back in germany. I can't believe how lucky i was with my host family, they are absolutely fantastic, and so much better than i thought they coul ever possibly be. I love my host parents and my hostsister who is 4, and i can't believe that in 2 months I am gonna be gone. I am here since the end of August, and i didn't go back to germany and of course i missed my family and my friends sometimes, especially at christmas, but I am so glad i decided to stay, to experience christmas in a different country in another language and different traditions is just something you can't miss if you have he opportunity to do so.   The school here is abolutely amazing as well, it was so easy to find friends, everyone is just so nice, even the teacher. If i compare the english school to the german, i would have to say that the englisc is so much better, the teacher, the people, even the facilities and I'm gonna miss every single one of my friends and my host famiy here so much when i'm gonana be back in germany.

I'm sending some pictures, that hopefully shows to everyone who considers going to the UK for a year, how great and amazing a stay in the here can be. 

My first picture is my little host sister and me on the 25th of decembe while we are opening our presents in front of the christmas tree. (picture 4964) align="right">

The second on is also at the 25th of december, my host family while we are eating ou christmas dinner (picture 5004)

An the next picture is me and my very best friend at school, right before the easter holidays in wondeful weather. (picture 006)

And the last one is me and 2 of my friends in london in the front of Buckingham Palace.

I'm sneding the last 2 pictures in a different mail, because they are too big.

I hope you can use those pictures,

nice regards from england,

Judica Trieglaff.