From: "Sophie Grigussies" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 11:45 PM
Subject: <kein Betreff>

Dear Kompass Team,

Finally I write you a email! It took my exactly 4 months to write you!:) I'm sorry, but now I'm trying even more to write you a good mail.

So...first I can't believe but I have problems with speaking German! When my parents are calling I have problems to find the German words but I know the English words! That is a little bit embarrassing, but okay I can learn it again when I go back to Germany:)
I feel really good at my school, we had some problems with fights but my host mother and some other parents came together and they're trying to make our school safer with the help of the principal and the teachers. And I can tell it is much better now! I made Silver Honor Roll and I'm pretty excited about it because I'm better then some Americans in English. I have just A's and B's, I'm so happy that I have so good grades!

Now I want to be honest I'm a little bit upset because it is almost Christmas and it is the first time in my life that I'm not with my family at this time but I'll be alright! Our decorations look pretty and its different, everything is so colorful not like in Germany just one color! I love it!

Of course I had some stupid questions like "Do you have milk over there?" or "Do you have bread over there?" I just ask myself what are they thinking where we live?
I already visited Philadelphia, I was really excited and I could feel the big city feeling, it was awesome!! We were in Delaware and Maryland for Thanksgiving and when we came back I saw a little bit of Washington D.C. I counted the states I already visited and surprise 6!!! Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.(I know it is just a district but they have their own tax for the cars so I guessed it is kind of like a state).

And when I arrived in the U.S.A. I had some problems at the airport, that means i had to spent the night in Atlanta(Georgia) but I'm was so lucky I met two nice families(one from California and one from Virginia) and they helped me trough all that and we exchanged our addresses and I will write them a Christmas card. My first two days in America were pretty exciting.
So that's all I have to tell ya'll(that's how the people in Virginia say it, I think)

greetings from Victoria, VA