Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 9:06 PM
Subject: Re: Kompass November Mail

Dear Kompass team,
Thank you for your mail. I am really enjoying my year here in Wills Point, Texas, this is the best year of my life und I have so much fun with my friends and all my actvities.
The election was very interesting for me but the people here in Texas were really disappointed when Barack Obama became president.

I also had a halloweenparty and invited many friends. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed Halloween very much. My birthday was last week and it was a great experience for me to become 17 in the USA and to have a big birthday Žparty together with my friends. They came dressed up in traditional german dresses and that looked really funny!

Together with the Wills Point Marching Band I made a trip to San Antonio and we won the 10th place in the Texas state contest. We also had time to visite the Alamo and went shopping on the riverside. That’s so beautiful! Especially because I could eat real german bread which I missed very much. :)

Yesterday I went to Dallas together with many other exchange students and we visited the American Airline museum and the place, where JFK was killed 45 years ago. Next week is Thanksgiving week and I am really excited about Thanksgiving and happy that we don't have school the whole week. :)

The American school is easier than the german school and it is so much fun because the teachers are not very strict and some let you listen to music or just talk the whole class periode. After school there are many activities and I have eather band or theater practice. In two weeks we will perform the play "Paganini" and I am a part of the show.

If you want your hostfamily to be happy, just send an "adventskalender" to them. They don't know anything like that in the USA and they were so happy when I gave some to my hostfamiliy. Everybody here has already decorated their house for christmas and we already have a christmas tree! It is too early for me, but that seems to be normal in the USA. I am very excited to celebrate christmas here!

Greetings from Greta