Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 3:39 AM

Dear Kompass -Team,

time to write the next Mail. I'm still enjoying my year very much.  My host family is the best, I come along with my "mom" and "dad" very well and we have a lot of fun.

Of course we celebrated Thanksgiving. In the morning there was a race over three miles. I got third of the women and won a turkey.  The whole family came to our house in the evening and we had a huge dinner.

We also went to the mountains to get Christmastrees and we decorated the house for Christmas.  We had the first snow today, and of course we made a snowman and spent the whole day outside.
Here in New Mexico is one day a year where you can see a meteor shower. It was yesterday, so we drove up the mountain at night and we saw about 20 big falling stars in half an hour. But we had a full moon so we couldn't see as much as usual.  But it was amazing!!!

We've already started track preseason, right now we practice three times a week in the weight room. My host dad is the head coach and my older brother is a track coach, too, so we have a lot of fun.

Next Wednesday and Thursday are the finals in school. School is still pretty easy, but we often have a lot of homework. But school here is so much more fun, I made a lot of friends and the teachers are really nice. 

I'm really excited for Christmas. We will leave the night after Christmas Eve to go on a trip. We'll take some friends and other exchange students with us and then we'll go to Las Vegas first and spend a night there, before we go to DISNEYLAND to Claifornia.

I really wanna say thank you. I have a great year and I really love New Mexico and the people here.

Take care!


The picture is from the Christmas tree hunting with my best friend Sydney and my older brother's baby Lily. Hope you enjoy.