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Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 12:46 AM
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Yea, I really am fine. I was homesick once but that was after a weekend that was three days long and I literally did NOTHING.
Well it was not too bad.

Let me tell you something about the election day, though: We all were over at some friends of Bobbi's and Kelly's who also had voted for Barrack Obama. It was really fun. We had pizza and sometimes played the Wii. I also learnt that day that alcoholic beverages like vodka can be kept in the freezer (just a fun message but it kinda amazed me when I saw the bottle in Mike's freezer). We had a good time of course because it went really well for Barrack all the time.

And in the morning of that day I went with Bobbi and Kelly to vote. It was pretty interesting. We were lucky and had to wait only 20 minutes. First thing when we got in was a table where they gave out donuts and coffee for free. That was pretty cool as I did not have breakfast that morning.

Yeah about halloween.. Actually I wanted to go to a party that was about 20 minutes from where I live and supposed to get pretty big. Well, I was not allowed to go, as a matter of fact, because Bobbi and Kelly feared they could have alcohol there.

take care you all