From: "Nora Vehling" <
Subject: Re: Kompass November Mail

Hello Kompass!

Tomorrow morning my summer holidays will start. My school organisated a South Island Trip for all the international students during the exam week. I don´t need to pay because I am an international student. :)

The last week I went to the price giving Year 11 and 12 and to the Graduation Year 13. Before all of them started, we sang the international Anthym. The Anthym has two parts, the first one is in Maori and the second is in english. I liked it and know it now by heard.

My time is nearly over and what I learned here about Maori, the weather, schooluniform and Christmas, is: First never trust the weather news! There is one Kiwisong called "four seasons in one day". That fact and not just a song!

The Maori culture is something what the Kiwis have different meanings about. Kiwis are proud about the Maori part in the  national Anthym, they love the Haka and the Maori art. But when you are a girl is the first thing you hear, be carefull with Maoris. The most of the Maoris are the poorer socity and more crimes happend by Maori people.

The Schooluniform made my life easier. I really liked shopping, but hear i noticed that i really don´t need all cloths. I nearly only wear my sportpants and my  schooluniform. And  I really don´t care anymore so much about what I am wearing.

Christmas here is exactly the same as in Europe. Except for the weather.You walk through the malls in top and skirt and hear songs like "let it snow".  

I hope that is enough