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Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 1:57 AM
Subject: Re: Kompass November Mail


Dear Kompass-Team,

thank you very much for your E-Mail. I'm sorry you didn't hear from me for a few weeks, but sometimes I'm just busy and don't think of writing :). I'm still having a great time here in Massachusetts (which is pretty cold at the moment...we have like 23 degrees Fahrenheit...). Some of the many lakes are almost frozen, so I'm just waiting for the first snow :).

Today I was in Boston with my host Mom and my host sister Maura, yesterday we had a kind of American Idol show at my school. I went there with friends and it was really fun!

School, by the way, is still going well. Last week we recorded a radio show for my mass Media class and a few weeks ago we had to write newspaper articles. I wrote about my experiences here as an exchange student and my teacher liked it so much that he made me send it to the local newspaper. And what happened? They really published it! Maybe I can send you a picture of the article if you want me to, but I haven't taken a picture yet, so please give me some time :).

It was really amazing to be here on elections day! We had no school and I went to the Mall with my host family, then we went to the elementary school to go voting. There were people standing in front of the school holding signs like "Vote for..." or "...for president!" and there were many people walking in and out. Actually we were done pretty quickly, my host mom just filled out the sheet ;), but it was still exciting to be there. During the day we had the TV on and watched one of these shows about the elections. At about 9 pm it was pretty clear who would win ;).

By the way: I remember Kompass people telling us not to say any opinion about the politics here. I have very open-minded and nice host parents and they told me I could say whatever I wanted to ;). I was suprised that most of my friends voted for McCain, because I thought especially younger people would rather vote for Obama. Halloween here was awesome, it's really amazing to experience something you've heard about so often.

The night before Halloween I had a Senior Halloween Party at my high school which was really fun! Unfortunately the party was only from 7 to 9 pm - you see, here everybody in my age is still a kid ;).

On Halloween itself I went trick or treating with my host family. Actually the expression "trick or treating" doesn't make any sense, because the kids are only allowed to visit houses with the lights on, so there's no possibility to play any tricks ;). In the center of the town many people sat in front of their houses with huge baskets filled with candy which they gave to the children, some people had their whole garages decorated with Halloween stuff. The roads were full of kids, I didn't even know that there are so many kids living in Westminster ;). Later there was a big bonfire in the center of the town and I met some friends there. We had an awesome time, then I went home with my host family and we watched the movie "Poltergeist" (yes, the word Poltergeist really exists in English :D). Altogether it was different than I'd expected it to be, but great!

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures, but the batteries of my camera were very low and I couldn't take any...

Next week I'll only have 3 days of school because of thanksgiving. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm excited how it will be!

That's everything I can tell you so far. I hope you are alright in Germany!

Thank you so much for everything!

Many greetings,