Von: Christian.obenhaupt@web.de
An: pw@kompass-sprachreisen.de
Gesendet: Sonntag, 12. Mai 2002 05.27
Betreff: wuzzup yall

Hey Kompass !

I guess this is gonna be the last mail from over here, b/c I have only 5 weeks left, and in these weeks I’m as busy as never before ! The worst thing is: I DON WANNA GO BACK !!!! Help me !!!

I made so great friends, most of them at the end of the entire program. And even they are sad too, that I have to leave. I think making real real good friends takes it time, but once you have them, you have the best time in your life and you don’t want to leave them here. But, haha, I’m enjoying my last weeks so much, and of course, I’m happy to go home too. Cuz there are friends and family back in Germany waiting for me, esp. my girlfriend J

The last weeks went by soooo fast, It’s unbelievable ! And all you people out there, who are going to live here next year, I tell you what: Try to enjoy your trip from the first second - if you don’t like it, call me and I’ll take your spot !

Another cool thing: My parents will be here in two weeks. They stay for one week at my house here, and then we rent a car for two weeks and drive all the way up to San Francisco. That’s gonna be awesome ! Oohyeah !

After all I can tell, this was the best year I ever had in my entire 17,8 years (or so) of my life, thanks to you Kompass, thanks to PIE, and thanks to my parents who made it possible to ship me over here for a year. AND thanks to my sister – she the best sister you can imagine ! Oooh – and thanks to my host family !!!

If I had to make a list of people I wanna thank…it would never end, so I’m not gonna try at all. =)

OK, enough for tonight, I wish yall a cool summer, take care and merry Christmas ! (I hope I didn’t forget anything)

Christian Obenhaupt, Houston, TEXAS